Our through-tapped metric OD inserts have a standard through-tapped metric internal with metric external threads. They are ideal for use on pre-tapped holes which make them suitable for application with most materials. If required, through-tapped metric inserts can also self-cut. Similar in form to the blind self-cutting inserts, they have a forty-five degree shoulder and undercut. The lead-in is chamfered at ten degrees and these inserts do not have a slot or notch.

These inserts have standard through tapped metric internal threads and metric external threads. They 

can be used on pre-tapped holes which makes them suitable for use on most materials.

Metric OD Inserts Length ID OD OD Thread Type & Pitch Cutting Relief
M4 10mm M4 x 0.7mm M8 1.25mm N/A
M5 10mm M5 x 0.8mm M8 1.25mm N/A
M6 14mm M6 x 1.0mm M10 1.50mm N/A
M8 15mm M8 x 1.25mm M12 1.75mm N/A
M10 20mm M10 x 1.5mm M14 2.0mm N/A
M12 25mm M12 x 1.75mm M16 2.0mm N/A