Self-Tapping or Threaded Inserts are the most universal type of insert as they can be used in the widest range of materials and have a high resistance to pull-out.

They can be inserted into drilled or moulded holes manually, using a threaded mandrel, by the use of a tapping head mounted on a pillar drill, or by using automatic tapping machines.

Self Tapping Inserts are available with screwdriver slots or hex recesses and are stocked in brass, steel and stainless steel.  For non standard threaded inserts, please contact our manufacturing team for details.

Series 121 Inserts

  • Series 121 inserts are for use in wood, plywood, chipboard and MDF.  This series is available in steel and has a deep course-pitched outside thread to provide maximum pullout strength.  There is also an internal cut-out to prevent wood particles impeding the screw. Lengths other than standard are available.

Series 125 Inserts 

  • Steel hex-drive self-tapping inserts can be used in wood, plywood, chipboard and MDF. The Series 125 are designed for insertion with an allen key and do not have a thread cut-out.

Series 127 Inserts 

  • The Series 127 is a zinc alloy insert for soft woods and chipboard. It’s a more economical alternative to Series 121 and 125, but does not provide the same pull-out strengths. It has a hex recess for easy assembly.

Series 300 Inserts 

  • These self-tapping inserts have a fine external thread for use in harder materials. The Series 300 are available in case hardened steel (plated zinc and yellow passivate), brass and stainless steel grade 303 or chrome stainless 1.4104.