Technifast’s Manufacturing Division complements the wide range of standard dowel pins we stock, by offering a custom-made dowel pin service to customer specification or drawing.

Our engineers understand that not all standard dowel pins are appropriate for demanding applications or specialist projects, and it can be difficult to source the exact dowel for your specific needs.  With our machining capabilities we can create a bespoke dowel pin tailored to the purpose for which it is intended.

  We can operate within the following diameter and length ranges:

·         Diameter: 1.0 to 32mm

·         Length: 3.0 to 120.00mm

·         Diameter Tolerances: Generally from h6 to m6, but other diameters can be quoted


We offer a fast-turnaround, competitive pricing, longer lengths up to 120mm (on diameters below 5mm) and specialise in through hardened steel, mild steel unhardened, CR6,  stainless steel  in 303 (A2), 304, 316 (A4)  and high tensile 316 materials.  Our machines are capable of producing dowels up to 32mm, giving the option to add features such as flats and Circlip grooves, or internal /external threads. 

We work closely with a team of specialists who can provide finishes such as passivation and plating, enabling us to offer a full solution for custom-made dowel pins.

Our specialist dowel pins are used in a wide range of industries and some very unique applications.  Technifast dowels have formed an integral part of diverse products from toy trains and surgical instruments, through to audio visual technology and marine leisure appliances.

Technifast is an ISO:9001 registered company, underpinning our reliability as we continually monitor and manage quality across all our operations.  Over the last three decades we have invested considerably in our machining capabilities and are very proud of our excellent reputation for meeting customer requirements on time and on budget.   Our technical team are ready to receive your drawings and provide a full quotation.