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    As a manufacturer of precision engineered components to the marine industry, our team at Technifast understand that the unforgiving environment both above and below the waterline demands components that are highly resistant to corrosion.

    Technifast’s manufacturing division specialises in Marine Grade Stainless Steel, also known as Grade 316 Stainless Steel (A4) which has an increased resistance to chloride corrosion when directly compared to Grade 304 Stainless Steel (A2).

    Our specialist engineers advise that when used in components that are exposed to water, Grade 316 Stainless Steel offers the longest life-cycle.  Marine Grade Stainless Steel has a chromium-nickel steel composition with added molybdenum, which makes it so resilient to corrosion that it is widely accepted as the best metal to use in both marine and medical applications.

    Technifast manufacture a range of stainless steel 316 inserts, which have proved very popular in the marine industry.  Our blind self tapping inserts have a 45 degree shoulder with an undercut to seat it when fully inserted, this provides an area where a sealant or bonding agent can be applied to prevent any fluids passing along the external surface of the insert into the host material or the area behind the insert, making it ideal for use in a marine environment.  We have provided these inserts as a solution for RIB boats where the prevention of water ingression into the hull cavity was key.

    Also, to complement the large product portfolio of standard stainless steel fasteners we have available, which includes clevis pins and the R-Clips and cotter pins associated with them, our manufacturing team also have the capabilities to offer a wide range of bespoke marine parts, which can be specifically created to a customer drawing and specification.  Visit our Specialist Marine Fasteners eBay shop to see our standard range.

    We also manufcture 316 /A4 marine grade stainless steel  canopy fastening studs. Technifast’s canopy fasteners differ from the generally available brass / nickel plated types where a stainless self-tapping screw is often attached to the brass stud.  This is a single machined component which makes it stronger, aesthetically superior and it won’t leave stains on fibreglass as it corrodes like brass /nickel ones can.

    Due to the marine grade stainless steel material used, these fasteners will also be highly resistant to the unforgiving salt water environment - plus there will be no degradation of the nickel plating which leads to the sprung retainer becoming difficult to remove and ultimately can result in tears and leaks in canopies. The detail of the recess has also been redesigned to both hold the spring firmly yet make it easy to remove without using excessive force on the weak point (which is the canopy).

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    • Very large volume runs of small diameter dowels (up to 5mm diameter)
    • Manufacture of 304 Grade Stainless Steel bespoke precision components
    • Manufacture of 316 Grade Stainless Steel bespoke precision components which increases corrosion resistance and is ideal for marine applications
    • Special finishes including GEOMET® which is suitable for high tensile fasteners

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