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Technifast’s manufacturing division is dedicated to producing small and complex turned parts for many industries including automotive, marine and aviation. Our specialist manufacturing team offers bespoke precision-engineered components for businesses at an international level.

We pride ourselves on providing global companies with high quality, custom-made parts and the first-class service that we believe they deserve.

This ethos is reflected in the number of customers who return to Technifast to take advantage of our flexibility and adaptability to deliver their requirements in a timely fashion.

Over the last three decades we have invested considerably in our machining capabilities and are very proud of our excellent reputation for meeting customer requirements on time and on budget, whether a high-volume run of parts or a low-volume order such as prototype manufacturing. 

Most of our special pins and turned parts are manufactured using CNC machines to obtain high precision and excellent surface finish. We specialise in stainless steel, but also produce in other materials.


Technifast is an ISO:9001 registered company. This underpins our reliability as we continually monitor and manage quality across all our operations.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Very large volume runs of small diameter dowels (up to 5mm diameter)
  • Specialists in the manufacture of 304 Grade Stainless Steel bespoke precision components
  • Manufacture of 316 (A4) Grade Stainless Steel bespoke precision components which increases corrosion resistance and is ideal for marine applications
  • Special finishes including GEOMET® which is suitable for high tensile fasteners

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Our Recent Manufacturing Projects Include:

Recent projects include the working on the restoration project for HMS Victory, with the manufacture of stainless steel components for the replacement fixings into the Robinson Brackets and Beam End Chocks on the Lower and Orlop Gun Decks and the Stern Hold Area. 

We've also expanded our specialist fastener portfolio with a range of self-cutting thread inserts, designed to provide a high-strength thread in plastics, wood and soft metals - and it was all thanks to a professional diver! 

We also have an established relationship to manufacture non-standard Norton motorcycle parts such as dowels for gearbox timing covers, crankcases and junction blocks to aid our customers fulfilment of Norton parts to customers internationally.

Choosing the correct fastener for a particular application probably won’t get you noticed. However, choosing the incorrect fastener could get you noticed for all the wrong reasons, get a quote from our team today.

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