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Technifast offer a selection of knurled nuts from M3 to M8 sizes, in stainless steel material. Knurled nuts (or thumb nuts as they are also known) offer a simple solution for light duty applications and provide a secure solution in many industries. 

We can offer discounts of up to 60% on volume orders of knurled nuts, please contact us for more information and a no-obligation, free quote.

Manufactured from stainless steel to offer greater resistance to corrosion, Technifast's range of knurled nuts have a straight-knurled outside surface which allows the nut to be gripped or tightened by hand, with metric internal threads.

Knurled Nuts Size Chart

Knurled Nuts Length Thread OD OD Pitch
M3 3.0mm M3 x 0.5mm 6.5mm 0.5mm
M4 4.0mm M4 x 0.7mm 8.0mm 0.5mm
M5 4.0mm M5 x 0.8mm 8.0mm 0.6mm
M6 5.0mm M6 x 1.0mm 10.0mm 0.6mm
M8 6.0mm M8 x 1.25mm 12.0mm 1.0mm

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