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Technifast provide a varied range of keys including round ended and square ended parallel keys, woodruff keys and gib head keys which are available in metric and inch sizes.

We also supply key steel in either 300mm or 1000mm lengths in C45k material. Key steel is made to DIN 6880 standard.

In addition to our standard key ranges, our manufacturing division can produce keys with special dimensions on tolerances, keys with chamfered edges, tapped holes or cut-outs. We manufacture special keys to a customer drawing and specification.


The Advantages Of Machine Keys

In the modern world, engineers face a myriad of new options when it comes to selecting components, but sometimes the simple solution can be the most cost-effective and durable choice.

Engineers keys such as parallel, woodruff and gib-head keys are worthy of consideration for mechanical engineers who are looking to reduce production costs and machine downtime.


Woodruff Key Advantages

•  Removes the need of milling near shaft shoulders, which impacts on concentricity. This is extremely crucial for high speed operations.
• Can be accommodated on a tapered shaft, aligning by slight rotation in the seat.
• Properly installed, the key can embed deeper into the shaft, preventing rollover

Gib Head Key Advantages

• The head of a gib head key makes for easier removal during disassembly.
• The key has a 1:100 taper to firmly engage the shaft to the hub.
• Ideal for use if the frequent removal of the key is necessary, such as agricultural equipment to hold gears and pulleys secure to a rotating shaft.


Parallel Key Advantages

• Allows relative axial movement between shaft and hub.
• Ideal for use with pulleys, gears or clutches.

The humble machine key may be a simple component but used correctly can lower the cost of manufacturing and assembly and bring benefits to your business. Technifast supply a range of engineers’ keys to DIN and ISO standards in C45k key steel and stainless steel A4. We also offer a custom manufacturing service for any non-standard keys. Contact our team to discuss.

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