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Technifast supply grooved pins with parallel or tapered grooves to DIN and ISO standards in mild steel or stainless steel A2. We can supply with either half length or full length taper grooves. Grooved pins are solid pins with three swaged grooves at 120° pitch along all or part of their length. When the pin is driven into a drilled hole of suitable diameter, the material displaced by the grooving process is forced back  to partially close up the grooves and lock the pin into place.

Grooved Pins



There are several DIN standards each with an equivalent, but not identical, ISO standard.  The difference is that the DIN standards give the nominal length without the radiused ends, whereas the ISO standards consider the nominal length to be the total length.

 • DIN 1471 (GP1) Similar to ISO 8744 - Full length taper grooves used to fix two or more components together, but with less insertion force than DIN 1473

• DIN 1472 (GP2) Similar to ISO 8745 - Half length taper grooves used where part of the assembly must be a free fit

• DIN 1473 (GP3) Similar to ISO 8740 - Full length parallel grooves used to fix two or more components together with maximum rigidity

• DIN 1474 (GP4) Similar to ISO 8741 - Half length reverse taper grooves used where the ungrooved portion acts as a stop or handle

• DIN 1475 (GP8) Similar to ISO 8742 - Third length centre grooves used on hinges or clevises where the two ends must act as a pivot



• Mild Steel

• Stainless Steel A2 (WS 1.4305)


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