Expansion Inserts are an easy to assemble alternative to other types of insert. They offer a durable thread in applications where the high pull-out resistance of a self-tapping, heat or ultrasonic insert is not essential.

Expansion Inserts are available in a parallel (Series 81) and headed (Series 82) versions and are stocked in brass.


  • Series 81 (Parellet)
  • Series 82 (Headed)


  • Brass


  • Expansion inserts are hand-placed into a hole of specified size and the action of the screw on final assembly locks the insert into place. 
  • They are ideally suited for use in plastics which are strong enough to resist the expansion of the insert yet flexible enough to allow the knurls to anchor into the material.
  • Series 81 parallel and Series 82 headed inserts are available in brass. We can also supply Series 32 inserts for tapered holes and Series 11 symmetrical ultrasonic inserts.