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A clevis pin provides a cost-effective fastening solution which allows the supported objects to rotate about the clevis pin axis. They are commonly used as a secure, fast replacement to bolts or rivets. Technifast clevis pins are supplied to ISO 2341B (DIN 1444) with a cross-drilled hole for R-clips or cotter pins which when inserted, keep the clevis pin in place.

We also stock a range of ISO 2341 clevis pins with grooves for Circlips to DIN 471. We produce clevis pins in a variety of materials including mild steel (zinc plated), stainless steel A2 and stainless steel A4. We are also a UK manufacturer of custom-made and non-standard clevis pins, which can be made to customer specifications or drawing. 

We can produce clevis pins with a head diameter of up to 32mm, and adapt the hole size and grip length to suit customer requirements. Our manufactured clevis pins are all turned, rather than headed, to provide a more superior finish. Please contact us for more information and latest pricing.

Our team often get enquiries on the grip length of clevis pins. The standard is quite confusing as it gives a measurement to the centre of the hole. The table opposite gives a  quick guide on our most commonly used standard clevis pin ISO 2341B.

To calculate the grip length on the shaft of a clevis pin, simply subtract the number from the length you are looking to order. So for example a 10 x 50mm clevis pin would have a grip length of 50mm – 5.1mm. Giving the grip length to be 44.9mm.  Should you require any guidance, please contact us for assistance.



Clevis Pins can also be refered to as hinge pins or linkage pins and are ideal for securing equipment, making them a popular fastening choice for the marine, construction, agricultural and automotive engineering industries.


  • Clevis Pins ISO 2341A - without cross-drilled hole
  • Clevis Pins ISO 2341B - with cross-drilled hole
  • Clevis Pins ISO 2341 - Circlip; for Circlips to DIN 471
  • Clevis Pins ISO 2340A; Headless, without hole
  • Clevis Pins ISO 2340B; Headless, with cross-drilled hole each end
  • Clevis Pin DIN 1433; Headless, with or without holes
  • Clevis Pin DIN 1434; Similar to ISO 2341 but with smaller diameter head
  • Clevis Pin DIN 1435; Similar to ISO 2341 but with larger diameter head
  • Clevis Pin DIN 1436; Similar to ISO 2341 but with larger diameter head
  • Clevis Pin DIN 1443; Same as ISO 2340
  • Clevis Pin DIN 1444; Same as ISO 2341


  • Mild steel, zinc plated
  • Stainless steel A2
  • Stainless steel A4

Clevis Pin Grip Length: ISO 2341B

Diameter Of Pin To Obtain Grip Length, Subtract Figures Below From Nominal Length
3mm 2.4mm
4mm 2.7mm
5mm 3.5mm
6mm 4.0mm
8mm 4.5mm
10mm 6.1mm
12mm 671mm
14mm 8mm
16mm 8mm
18mm 9.5mm
20mm 10.5mm
22mm 10.5mm

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