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We stock a wide range of mild steel, mild steel zinc-plated and stainless steel A2 clearance spacers. The portfolio includes closed-seam rolled spacers, turned spacers - plus we also provide moulded spacers, which are available in nylon.

Clearance Spacers are normally used to allow two parts of an assembly to be fastened together at a controlled distance from each other. Clearance spacers are fastened with a nut and bolt and are used where the inside diameter of the spacer is slighlty larger than the bolt.



  • Closed-seam rolled spacers: For applications where the lowest cost is required and where a high compression strength is not neccessary, we offer a range of mild steel, zinc plated rolled spacers.
  • Turned spacers
  • Moulded spacers


  • Closed-seam rolled spacers in zinc plated mild steel
  • Turned spacers - in zinc plated mild steel, nickel plated brass and stainless steel A2
  • Moulded spacers - available in nylon

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