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Technifast have launched our new 316 / A4 marine grade stainless steel range of canopy fastening studs. Technifast’s canopy fasteners differ from the generally available brass / nickel plated types where a stainless self-tapping screw is often attached to the brass stud. This is a single machined component which makes it stronger, aesthetically superior and it won’t leave stains on fibreglass as it corrodes like brass / nickel ones can. Visit our eBay shop to purchase now.

Boat Canopy Fasteners

Boat Canopy Fasteners


Introducing Technifast's new product range of 'Lift The Dot' style canopy fasteners. Manufactured in the UK, from UK sourced 316/A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel,Technifast's range of boat canopy fasteners are unlike the types of stud commonly available. They are a single machined piece of 316 Marine Grade Stainless and not an inferior grade of stainless screw attached to a brass/nickel plated stud. We have designed a whole range to cater for every situation, be it carrying out repairs, fitting a canopy from new or simply upgrading your inferior quality existing studs.

Unlike the common types of stud available, the Technifast canopy studs will not rust or degrade in the unforgiving salt water environment, they will not become stiff and difficult to use as the nickel plating wears away, causing stress, tears and leaks on your canopy. They will not leave yellowing marks on your fibreglass. They will look good, and they will last a lifetime.  

The larger diameter threaded ‘repair’ versions are to enable a replacement to be fitted straight into a previously damaged hole and hold fast without the need for using resins or fillers, or simply to gain more strength when fitted to wood or fibreglass. There are currently other ‘repair’ versions available but these do not have a true self-tapping thread on them. In our experience they simply chew up the existing hole and make the problem worse.

We have 6 different self- tapping thread options, all available in either Long Stud (where more than one section of canopy/ socket needs to be pushed on) or Standard Stud versions.

Self- tapping screw options are-

No8 (4.2mm) x 3/8” screw (standard version short screw)

No8  x 5/8” screw (standard version long screw)

No10 (5.0mm) x 3/8” screw (repair version short screw)

No10 x 5/8” screw (repair version long screw)

No12 (5.5mm) x 3/8” screw (large repair version short screw )

No12 x 5/8” screw (large repair version long screw)


Our manufacturing team have also produced two metric threaded versions for fitting to steel or aluminium. These are available in either M5 or M6 metric threads, again in Long Stud and Short Stud versions.

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