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The People That Shape Technifast

13th Jan 2020

David joined Technifast twenty-three years ago as a storeperson, responsible for picking and packing many of the fastener orders we send out to our customers.

After six months in our warehouse, David’s product knowledge and attention to detail was recognised by Technifast’s founder, John Speed, and he quickly secured a promotion to join the sales team, where he worked to grow his skill-set and engage with customers to help them with their fastener enquiries.

David worked diligently within the sales team for a decade, showing both an aptitude for figures and a positive attitude to his work. He was rewarded in 2008 with the opportunity to assist Technifast’s then-accountant with the company’s finances.  David seized the opportunity, attended college to study accounting, and upon his senior colleague’s retirement, took over full responsibility for Technifast’s finances.

David commented, “I’m really proud of my career progression within Technifast. I have been given the chance to grow within the company, take on new roles and develop myself professionally. It’s a fantastic company to work for and I am looking forward to my future with Technifast.”


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