Coiled Spring Pins are one of the most versatile pins available. Consisting of 2 1/4 coils of spring steel or stainless steel they have swaged chamfers at each end for easy insertion. The coiled design improves shock absorption as the load is spread over more than one coil. We stock coil pins in heavy or standard duty to ISO and DIN standards.

Technifast's UK based manufacturing division also has a wealth of experience in producing non-standard roll pins to a customer specification or drawing, should your application require a custom coiled pin solution.

Coiled Pin

Coiled Pin Standards

Technifast coiled spring pins are available in standard (ISO 8750) and heavy (ISO 8748) to provide for a different requirements of strength, flexibility and diamete.

  • Heavy Duty:  ISO 8748, BS 7057, DIN 7344: Heavy duty roll pins are typically used in high shear strength applications and hardened host materials.
  • Standard Duty: ISO 8750, BS7058, DIN 7343: Standard duty coiled spring pins offer the best balance between flexibility and strength and are recommended for most applications.


  • Spring steel CS 67 and DIN 17222, hardened and tempered to HV 42-520
  • Stainless steel A2


Coiled pins are normally supplied with a plain oiled finish. Steel pins may be given a protective finish such as zinc or phosphate, but for electrolytically applied finishes it is essential to de-embrittle the pins immediately after plating.  

We recommend non-electrolytic finishes or stainless should be used for safety-critical applications. Where pins are to be used in plastic assemblies, it is recommended they are de-oiled before use to avoid embrittlement of the plastic.

We can also supply ISO 8751 and Superelastic coiled pins - please call our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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